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PhotoCentric 3D Resins
PhotoCentric 3D Resins

PhotoCentric 3D Resins

PhotoCentric 3D resins can be used for DLP or SLA 3D printer applications in several different ways. Use castable resin for creating jewelry with clean and precise burn-out. Use flexible filament for stamps, phone cases, and watch straps. Use firm resin for creating models or external car parts that need high levels of detail. Or use the hard resin to create tough, durable models and toys. Whatever your application needs, PhotoCentric 3D has a resin for you.

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Technical Specifications
  • UV Laser resin formulated specifically for 405 nm.
  • UV DLP resin formulated for both 385 nm and 405 nm.
  • Both UV resins cure quickly and give amazing, detailed results.
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