PhotoCentric 3D PhotoCentric 3D UV LCD Firm Resin - Black (1kg)


As UV Resin LCD 3D printers are becoming more and more popular, the technology is becoming more refined and affordable. Having the right resin for your next project is an important factor! Need some resin to make your items more realistic? This Photocentric 3D UV LCD Firm Resin is ideal for creating parts that feel realistic yet hold their shape while being able to bend and flex slightly without snapping. This resin produces parts with mechanical behaviors to Polypropylene.

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Product No. M-MUT-6T9J


With resin-based SLA 3D printing you can create objects with smoother surfaces, finer details and more intricate structures than FDM 3D printing. In the same way choosing the right filament is essential for successful FDM 3D printing, choosing the right resin is a key step in the resin printing process. There are many different styles available, and this particular product from Photocentric 3D produces parts intended for investment casting. The resin prints pink and is very solid so as to maintain every detail when being molded. Then the resin burns cleanly and evenly away, leaving no ash or residue inside the mold. The pink color is perfect for visual inspection to ensure no fragments are left behind. Check out the other 3D printer resins at MatterHackers to choose the one that's perfect for your next project!


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