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PhotoCentric 3D UV DLP Resin
PhotoCentric 3D UV DLP Resin

PhotoCentric 3D UV DLP Resin

Photocentric3D’s DLP resin is designed to work in a wide variety of third-party 3D SLA printers. Their DLP resins print in a wavelength setting of either 385nm or 405nm. They are compatible with traditional DLP 3D printers, backlit DLP printers and projector DLP printers at high or low power settings. With several variations of resin to work with, you can 3D print highly detailed pieces that are extremely hard or supple and flexible.

Technical Specifications
  • Can be used in almost any DLP curing UV resin printer
  • Cures on DLP machines using 380nm to 405 nm for curing
  • A wide variety of resins at different strengths for any project
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