Phrozen Phrozen Wash Mega S


The Phrozen Wash Mega S is a cleaning solution station designed for large 3D models. It offers a 25L washing capacity, built-in side valve, two speed settings, and more. It supports various sizes of building plates and has an inner capacity of 330×190×300mm.

  • 25L washing capacity for large models
  • Dual-speed settings with automatic reverse function
  • Built-in side valve for wastewater disposal
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Experience efficient 3D model cleaning with the Phrozen Wash Mega S. Its essential features provide a hassle-free, thoroughly clean quality of your 3D prints while ensuring safety and ease of use.

Key Features of the Phrozen Wash Mega S:

  • 25L washing capacity
  • Built-in side valve
  • Dual-speed settings according to your needs
  • Double vortex and automatic reverse function available
  • Additional racks support various sizes of building plates


Boost your 3D printing efficiency with the Phrozen Wash Mega S. Designed for large models, it revolutionizes your workflow, delivering impeccable cleanliness for superior print quality. This wash station powerhouse offers the following benefits:

  • Compatibility with large models
    • Inner Capacity: 330×190×300mm
  • Built-in side valve for efficient wastewater disposal
  • Various speed settings (High - 300 rpm / Low - 275 rpm)
  • Support various build plate sizes (15", 13.6”, 13.3”, and 12.8”)
Photo of resin model that was efficiently cleaned by the Phrozen Wash Mega S

Tips for Washing Resin 3D Printed Models

  • Wear the following protective wear:
    • Goggles
    • Gloves
    • Masks
    • Long-sleeved clothing
  • Avoid direct contact with the skin to prevent allergies.
    • In case of contact with uncured resin and cleaning fluids, please rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Disconnect the power before cleaning or replacing isopropyl alcohol/cleaning fluid.
  • Only pour isopropyl alcohol/cleaning fluid into the cleaning bucket. Do NOT pour resins or other liquid. 
  • Handle resin only in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area.
    • Avoid inhaling fumes and contact with eyes, skin, and clothing for prolonged periods.
    • This product may contain a large quantity of alcohol or IPA solvent. Avoid high temperatures, and ignition sources, including open flames, heat sources, or sparks, to prevent fire and explosions.
  • Do NOT remove prints from the bucket when the machine is running.

What are the Technical Specifications of the Phrozen Wash Mega S?

Product Wash Station
Product Dimensions
(W × D × H)
412×260×625mm (16.2"×10.2×24.6")
Weight 8kg (17.6lbs)
Made In China
Inner Capacity 330×190×300mm (12.9"×7.4×11.8")
Washing Capacity 25L
Cleaning Method Dual-speed double vortex
Vortex Speed High (300 rpm), Low (275 rpm)
Timer Settings 1 - 30 min
Supported Build Plate(s) 15” (Mega series), 13.6”, 13.3”, and 12.8”
Input Voltage AC100-240V;50/60Hz

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