PolyMaker Polymaker PolyLite PLA Pro Black - 1.75mm (1kg)

PolyLite™ PLA Pro is a unique, pioneering material. It unites high toughness and rigidity, offering professional-grade PLA with engineering-level properties, all while maintaining the simplicity of printing that's synonymous with regular PLA.

  • High impact strength
  • Excellent rigidity
  • Easy to print & affordable
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Polymaker Polylite PLA Pro features

  • Exceptional Toughness: PolyLite™ PLA Pro is designed to withstand high levels of strain, making it ideal for robust and demanding applications.
  • Superior Rigidity: Despite its toughness, this material ensures that the 3D printed parts retain their structural integrity under stress, providing unparalleled durability.
  • User-Friendly Printing: PolyLite™ PLA Pro combines advanced features with the ease of printing found in regular PLA, making it accessible for both novices and experts.
  • Professional-Grade Material: With its engineering-level properties, it stands out as a professional-grade PLA, elevating it above standard PLA materials.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Its unique blend of toughness, rigidity, and user-friendly printing makes it suitable for a diverse array of applications, from casual hobbyist projects to complex industrial components.


  • Spool Inner Hole Diameter: 55±1mm
  • Spool Diameter: 200±1mm
  • Spool Width: 65.6±2mm
  • Spool Weight: 140±7g
  • Printing Temperature: 190˚C - 220˚C
  • Bed Temperature: 30˚C - 60˚C
  • Printing Speed: 30mm/s - 70mm/s
  • Fan: ON
  • Direct Drive:
  • Retraction Distance: 1mm
  • Retraction Speed: 30mm/s
  • Indirect Drive:
  • Retraction Distance: 3mm
  • Retraction Speed: 60mm/s
  • Drying Settings: 55˚C for 6h (Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

Differences between Polymaker Polylite PLA, PolyMax PLA, Polylite PLA Pro

PolyLite™ PLA is a material characterized by its exceptional rigidity, albeit with low impact resistance. 

PolyMax™ PLA stands out for its remarkable ductility, high impact resistance, and durability.

PolyLite™ PLA Pro offers an optimal blend of both, boasting excellent rigidity coupled with high impact strength.

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