MatterHackers White PRO Series ABS Filament - 1.75mm (1kg)

MatterHackers PRO Series filament is a high-quality, reliable 3D printing material, refined and tested for optimal performance in all applications. It's ideal for everything from rough prototyping to sophisticated, end-use designs. The PRO Series materials are specifically formulated for functional 3D printing, offering consistency for repeatable part-production. It's trusted by professionals like Kawasaki’s Supercross Racing Team Engineers for prototyping and end-use parts, reducing costs by 95% and time by 86%.

  • Provides optimal results for various applications
  • Ensures repeatable part-production consistency
  • Reduces fabrication cost and time significantly
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When Reliability Counts - Be a PRO

MatterHackers' PRO Series filament is all about quality. When the performance of a 3D printed component is the ultimate goal, you need to know you’re printing with a material you can trust. MatterHackers’ PRO Series filament is meticulously refined and continuously tested to provide optimal results for every application. That’s why our material experts have developed a range of responsive, high-performance thermoplastics that maintain reliability from rough prototyping through to sophisticated end-use designs. No matter your end goal, PRO Series filament delivers your parts exactly as you intended.

Function in its Finest Form

MatterHackers' PRO Series materials are formulated for functional 3D printing. Due to their precisely detailed chemical blueprint, PRO Series 3D printing filament provides the consistency needed for repeatable part production. Kawasaki’s Supercross Racing Team Engineers use PRO Series materials for both prototyping and end-use parts. Using PRO Series materials for essential components on their teams’ motorcycles has not only facilitated low-volume fabrication, but it has also reduced costs by 95% and time by 86%. They turn to PRO Series because they know it works well.

Premium Quality and Craftmanship

PRO Series materials are formulated with zero compromises. The base resin, along with all performance-enhancing additives, are carefully sourced to include only those of the highest purity and provenance. The consistent colors curated from quality sources combined with the exact manufacturing environment needed to maintain an industry-leading ±0.02mm diameter tolerance create materials you can use confidently. Experience smooth, uniform filament for all your important projects - experience PRO Series.

PRO Series ABS brings more heat resistance than PLA while maintaining tensile and flexural strength

It’s Not Just Filament, It’s a Results-Driven Experience - With Options

Our PRO Series line of filament is not only carefully crafted, but it also comes with an extensive collection of materials tailored to fit every need and specific application. From Tough PLA for serious prototyping to vibrant Nylons for sturdy, lasting products, PRO Series 3D printing materials consistently deliver quality parts. Created with end-use results as the main priority, PRO Series filament ensures that your finished 3D printed parts are as clean, sturdy, and functional as possible.

Choose the Material Developed and Guaranteed by the Leader in 3D Printing Materials

MatterHackers' PRO Series filament remains the quintessential choice for anyone that demands exacting results for their business, products, and projects. Our attention to precise filament tolerance, strict coloration guidelines, and definitive chemical patterns are reflected directly in your completed products.

Mechanical Properties Tuned for Performance

We understand that end-use products are only as good as the materials and tools used to create them. That's why we put our PRO Series filament through rigorous testing before it makes its way to your workshop or manufacturing floor. High-quality materials are essential for creating functional or product-ready components, so all MatterHackers PRO Series materials are analyzed using in-house testing equipment, including a Universal Testing System and a Melt Flow Indexer. These machines specifically measure tensile and flexural properties, as well as the melt flow index of each material, ensuring that all PRO Series filament is dependable and performing at its peak. MatterHackers PRO Series materials are tested and measured using ASTM 638 and D790 or ISO 527-1, 527-2, and 178 standards.

Quality Assurance: Why Filament Diameter and Ovality Matter

With PRO Series materials, you can be assured of getting the most accurate filament diameter and ovality available. A consistent diameter of 3D printing filament is vital, as it directly impacts the print quality of your designs. The slicing engine calculates the volume of filament that will be deposited on each layer, with the diameter of the material (either 1.75mm or 2.85mm) being the critical value input into the engine. Any variation in this diameter can cause the print to over or under extrude. In terms of raw materials, the filament diameter is a parameter that requires a high level of confidence—you must KNOW what you're using.

MatterHackers Maintains Diameter Tolerance in Every Spool Using Laser Gauges

Knowing that diameter matters, we obsess over ensuring that PRO Series materials are precise, enabling you to create perfectly printed parts. MatterHackers employs two and three-axis laser systems to measure and maintain the accuracy of the filament diameter at 40 hertz (40 times per second). This process ensures the filament diameter is consistent and within our 0.02mm diameter tolerance guarantee. Moreover, we record and store the data for each production run, providing traceability for all PRO Series materials and instilling further confidence in each batch we produce.

Vibrant Color Consistency You Can Rely On

You can rest assured that MatterHackers controls and actively analyzes the compounding and coloration of each filament batch, ensuring that your projects maintain consistency from spool to spool. Color continuity between batches is controlled and confirmed with an in-line color-analyzing spectrometer during filament production. This means your PRO Series filament will always maintain its distinctive color.

Check out our list of certified PRO Series ABS Colors on this sheet. Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to add more fantastic color options!

Technical Specifications

Why Are Items on Clearance?

At MatterHackers, to bring you new and exciting products, we occasionally shift some of our quality stock to the Clearance section.

Reasons for Clearance Items:
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Note, all Clearance purchases are Final Sale and not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy.

California Residents

Warning: This Product can expose you to styrene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. See
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