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Raise3D N2 High Temperature Glass Plate

The ideal surface for 3D printing on your Raise3D N2 or N2 Plus (332mm x 340mm or 13 1/16" x 13 3/8"). This borosilicate glass can be rapidly heated and cooled. Borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock as well as thermal expansion.
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A plate of Borosilicate glass meant for use as the bed of a Raise3D N2 3D printer. Its thermal properties make it useful for printing ABS and PLA, especially in conjunction with a heated bed. With ABS we recommended adding some Kapton tape and when printing in PLA we recommended adding blue painter's tape to the surface.

Specifications are as follows:

Material: Low Expansion Borosilicate Glass

Size: 332mm x 340mm (13 1/16" x 13 3/8")

Thickness: 3.3 mm

Edges: Ground with machined beveled

Temperature rating = 500 degrees F (260 C) for maximum continuous operation

Can it Be Used for the Pro2 Series?

The High Temp Glass Plate is designed for use with the N2 Series printers, but if you need to print Nylon on your Pro2 printer, you can make it work with some modifications.

First, make sure to leave the metal build plate that come son the Pro2. Having the Glass Plate on top of the Metal Plate will still transfer heat properly, but with the plate rail design on the Pro2, the Glass Plate won't fit without the metal plate installed. Just make sure to use document clips to attach the plates together!

You'll also need to adjust the manual z-offset, first using the large adjustment, by loosening the side dial, then by making minor adjustments using the dial on the underside. This should be all you need to use this plate on your Pro2 Series machine!

If you have any questions about this process, email, and if you find that this works well for you, let us know!

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