Raise3D Raise3D Pro2 Series Printer Parts Starter Pack

Excited to print with your new Pro2 or Pro2 Plus but aren't sure where to start? Try the Printer Parts Starter Pack to beef up your printing capabilities today!

With additional V3 Hotends, an extra Brass Nozzle, a second Air Filter, and a BuildTak sheet designed for the Pro2, all you'll need is filament and you'll be ready for anything.

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Price: $274.99
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Product No. M-Y1Z-UG18

The Raise3D Pro2 Series Printer Parts Starter Pack is a quick and easy way to build your Pro2 accessories and parts collection so you're covered if any of the most common printing issues pop up. With a simple swap out of a filter or hotend, you're downtime is over and you're back to printing what you need.


  • 2 Raise3D Pro2 Series V3 Hotend Assemblies
  • Raise3D N2 & Pro2 Series BuildTak
  • Raise3D V3 Brass Nozzle 0.40mm
  • Raise3D Replacement Air Filter

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