Raise3D Pro3 3D Printer

Intended for agile and small batch production in applications such as tooling, the creation of industrial-grade spare parts, and functional prototypes the Raise Pro3 builds upon the industrial-grade repeatability and high-performance printing that defined the Pro2 Series line of Raise 3D Printers. Equipped with several improvements to its independent dual extruder system and general performance capabilities, the Raise Pro 3 also features new upgrades such as a modular interchangeable hotend system, auto bed leveling, an airflow manager, and a built-in smart assistant to take users to the next level of productivity. The Pro3 is expected to be available for purchase in late Q4 of 2021.

The Pro3 is now available for preorder. Shipping is expected to begin shipping in late December 2021.

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  • Build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm (11.8” x 11.8” x 11.8” in)
  • Maximum extruder temperature of 300 ℃
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials, including high-performance materials such as PC, TPU, PP, ASA, Glass-fiber composites, carbon-fiber composites, metal fill, and wood fill as well as other approved 3rd party materials.
  • New interchangeable modular hotend system, designed to enable users to quickly and easily switch their extruders to match the job at hand. These hotends are designed with a click and lock mechanism and do not require any specialized tools.
  • Automatic bed leveling to reduce calibration times.
  • Airflow manager to improve heat dissipation, air circulation, and create a stable environment inside the print chamber.
  • Equipped with HEPA air filter for in-office use.
  • EVE Smart Assistant to guide users through troubleshooting, analyze printer usage, and provide reminders for printer maintenance.


The Pro3 Series of Raise3D Printers come equipped with a newly designed highly modular interchangeable hotend system. Designed to be easily swapped in or out using a click-and-lock mechanism, these extruders are ideal for users who may need to switch from non-abrasive materials to abrasive materials during print jobs or for those who want to print at higher speeds and require a different nozzle size. Thanks to the modular design of these interchangeable hotends, users are provided with a convenient way to disassemble and replace components on the fly and ultimately reduce machine downtime.

In addition to its hotend modularity, Pro3 Series 3D printers are able to uniquely identify and track each of the hotends in use — providing users with valuable information on recorded nozzle use time and eventually make recommendations when it is time for a replacement.


The newly added automatic bed leveling feature is a highly relevant tool for those who are using their Pro3 Series machine for production purposes. Keep your Pro3 or Pro3 Plus in optimal condition through a preventative maintenance program and ensure the consistent quality of your final printed parts. By using the Auto Bed Leveling feature you will ultimately minimize the amount of time allocated for calibration and increase overall productivity.


Situated on the back of the Pro3 or Pro3 Plus printer, the Air Flow Manager is designed to create a stable internal environment for your 3D Prints by improving heat dissipation and managing air circulation. Equipped with a HEPA air filter, the Air Flow Manager will filter and clean the air inside your print chamber making your Pro3 series printer safe for in-office use.

EVE Smart assistant can guide users through troubleshooting and resolve issues that might affect the success of print jobs.


Meet EVE your built-in smart assistant. Capable of guiding users through locating and resolving issues that may arise during the 3D Printing process, the EVE assistant is an excellent resource for taking your productivity to the next level. Eve will also provide users with valuable feedback on printer usage and will send automatic reminders for planned updates and alerts when printer maintenance is due.

Technical Specifications:

What are the Raise Pro3's printer properties?

  • Build Volume (W×D×H):
    • Single Extruder Print: 11.8 × 11.8 × 11.8 inch/ 300 × 300 × 300 mm
    • Dual Extruder Print: 10 × 11.8 × 11.8 inch/ 255 × 300 × 300 mm
  • Machine Size (W×D×H): 24.4 × 24.6 × 29.9 inch/ 620 × 626 × 760 mm
  • Print Technology: FFF
  • Print Head System: Dual-head with electronic lifting system
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • XYZ Step Size: 0.78125, 0.78125, 0.078125 micron
  • Print Head Travel Speed: 30–150 mm/s
  • Build Plate: Flexible Steel Plate with Buildtak
  • Max Build Plate Temperature: 120 ºC
  • Heated Bed Material: Silicone
  • Build Plate Leveling: Mesh-leveling with Flatness Detection
  • Filament Run-out Sensor: Available
  • Supported Materials: PLA/ ABS/ HIPS/ PC/ TPU/ TPE/ PETG/ ASA/ PP/ PVA/ Nylon/
    Glass Fiber Infused/ Carbon Fiber Infused/ Metal Fill/ Wood Fill
  • Layer Height: 0.01–0.25 mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (Default), 0.2/ 0.6/ 0.8/ 1.0 mm (Available)0.4 mm
  • Max Nozzle Temperature: 300ºC
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port, Live camera
  • Noise Emission (Acoustic): <55 dB(A) when building
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 15-30ºC, 10-90% RH non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature :-25℃ to +55℃, 10-90% RH non-condensing
  • Filter: HEPA filter with activated charcoal
  • Net Weight: 52.5 kg
  • Gross Weight (Carton Only): 76.6 kg
  • Gross Weight (Carton with Pallet): 84.55
  • Power Supply Input: 100-240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz 230 V @ 3.3 A
  • Power Supply Output: 24 V DC, 600 W


What is the software for the Raise Pro 3?

  • Slicing Software: ideaMaker
  • Supported File Types: STL/ OBJ/ 3MF/ OLTP
  • Supported OS: WINDOWS/ macOS/ Linux
  • Machine Code Type: GCODE



  • User Interface: 7-inch Touch Screen
  • Network: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Power Loss Recovery: Available
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×600
  • Motion Controller: Atmel ARM Cortex-M4 120MHz FPU
  • Logic Controller: NXP ARM Cortex-A9 Quad 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Onboard Flash: 8 GB
  • OS: Embedded Linux
  • Ports: USB 2.0×2, Ethernet×1
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