Kai Parthy REFLECT-o-LAY Reflective Filament - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

The creator of RUBBERLAY, MOLDLAY, and LAYWOO-D3 is back with an amazing new filament! REFLECT-o-LAY is made with retro-reflective pigments, which are used in common items such as safety vests, bike reflectors, and traffic signs. By infusing the pigments in this filament, inventor Kai Parthy has created a one of a kind material that literally shines and reflects light!

List Price: $63.00
Product No. M-PDN-VRFE

REFLECT-o-LAY is an exciting new filament from the creator of RUBBERLAY, MOLDLAY, LAYBRICK, and more! We are proud to be the only US reseller to offer the latest creation from inventor Kai Parthy.

REFLECT-o-LAY is a flexible reflective filament made with the same retro-reflective pigments used in safety vests and bike reflectors. Kai has infused the filament with millions of these reflective pigments, causing the material to reflect incoming light back towards the viewer. As with reflectors and safety vests, the effect is most prominent in darkened areas when light is shown directly on the object.

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