SABIC SABIC Lexan EXL Filament - 1.75mm (1kg) White

Lexan is the special formulation of Polycarbonate by the chemical and materials experts at SABIC. Polycarbonate has long been an incredibly useful material for thousands of automotive, aerospace, safety and even everyday applications such as office pens and DVDs. Lexan is specially formulated to be easy to 3D print, so you can bring this amazing material into your 3D printing space and begin exploring the world of polycarbonate as designed by SABIC.

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Polycarbonate: Print with Care for Amazing Results

Polycarbonate is a powerful and impressive material, but it can be challenging to print with. PC is known for its durability as a material, and Lexan improves on that even more. With high impact and temperature resistance, it's the ideal material for thousands of high-end and engineering-grade applications. Polycarbonate prints best with a heated bed, and requires the right bed adhesive for the first layer not to warp. We recommend BuildTak + Magigoo. Also, Polycarbonate absorbs moisture very easily, so be sure to keep this material dry by using a PrintDry.

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