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PrintDry Filament Drying System

MatterHackers has found an easy and affordable solution to keep your 3D printing filaments dry. No more DIY projects and no more waiting! MatterHackers has the innovative filament drying machine from PrintDry.

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3D Printing Series Filament PrintDry

This PrintDry is the perfect moisture control solution for filament storage. This filament drying container features automatic humidity control that can hold up to two standard spools. This storage provides a quick and simple way to store your filament without any hassle. How does it work? Simply set the desired temperature, put in the filament and the PrintDry will take care of the rest! Not only will your filament be kept dry, but also easily accessible via the two small openings on the side of the chamber. This means you don't have to choose between using your filament and drying it - leave it in the PrintDry over night, then feed the dry material directly from the machine into your 3D printer! With PrintDry, your filament will stay completely dry, easily accessible, perfectly identifiable, (i.e. no need to open every container to find the right kind of filament you are looking for) and ready to be used at anytime you start a print. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Keeps filaments in a low humidity environment
  • Stores up to 5.5 lbs of filament
  • Two feed ports allows direct printing from the container while in storage
  • Enclosed container keeps out moisture and dust
  • Adjustable temperature control to keep filaments between 35°C-70°C
  • No consumable parts, no water tanks to empty

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