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Suckit Pro Dust Boot for Shapeoko

The Shapeoko is a powerful benchtop CNC machine with the durability to carve all day, every day. By combining that reliability with the Suckit Dust Boot you can maintain a clean workspace while constantly pumping out parts.
Product No. M18S7RSD
Price: $130.00
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Perfect for every Shapeoko application

This dust collection shoe bolts directly on to the standard Shapeoko Z Axis plate and features adjustable height to match with any stock material. Compatible with any size Shapeoko and also either of the router options, this dust boot is a must-have for any Shapeoko user. Cleanup isn't something to be handled after your operation is finished, but is rather managed throughout the entire process thanks to the flexible bristles that continuously sweep up your work area. The Suckit Dust Boot is truly an accessory that is more valuable the more you use it - get one on your Shapeoko today!

Purpose-built kit for easy installation

This is the Suckit Pro "Direct Suction" dust boot designed specifically for the Shapeoko 3, so fit is fantastic and installation is easy. Each side of the mounting plate is labeled with height markers for perfect alignment and easy adjustment between different stock material heights. The entire dust boot is magnetically attached to the mount, which makes for easy removal between jobs if you need to replace any components and for easier router bit swapping. The dust shoe includes two different height brushes to accommodate different length router bits as well. No matter what your next project is lining up to be, adding a dust shoe is only going to make is smoother. 

Technical Specifications

  • Machine Compatibility: Shapeoko Standard, XL and XXL
  • Router Compatibility: Makita, DeWalt, Carbide Compact Router

What's in the Box?

  • Dust Shoe with 2.5" Vacuum Hose Adapter
  • 2x Steel mounting plates
  • 2x Polycarbonate arms
  • 1x 1" Height Brush
  • 1x 1.5" Height Brush
  • 2x 1" Router Hole Plates
  • 1x 2" Router Hold Plate
  • Magnetically Hinged Rear Clip
  • All required hardware for mounting

A Vacuum and hose are not included and must be sources separately.