MatterHackers 3D Printed Surgical Mask Comfort Strap

This PPE device is designed to increase tension of worn out mask straps and provide comfort by hooking to the print, rather than over ears. It has been reviewed by the NIH, and is recommended when fabricated as instructed.

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Product No. M-SFR-7XDT

Reviewed by the National Institutes of Health and designed by Davis Becker of VHA Innovation Ecosystem, this strap can provide a longer lifespan for surgical masks by allowing the user to adjust tension as the elastic strap wear down and makes for a more comfortable fit by relieving the user's ears from the elastic bands.

Due to this model's smaller size, it's an excellent option for volunteers that want to help but don't have a printer with a large build volume to handle some of the other 3D models available for supporting healthcare workers.

Print Settings

  • Print at 100% infill
  • Nylon, PLA, or PETG are all suitable materials
  • 100% scale  (Optionally 85% scale for a smaller size)

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