Ultimachine Ultimachine RAMBo Mini Board

Ultimachine originally set the bar when they created a solution to eliminate six boards into one - the RAMBo 1.3. But now, they have built something even stronger - the RAMBo mini. The RAMBo mini contains the highest quality components and new cooling features. If you are looking for the best board for your buck, look no further!

List Price: $138.00
Product No. M-94X-R8WR

Note: This product is sensitive to static. Please handle with care.

Ultimachine has stepped it up since their RAMBo 1.3. The RAMBo Mini contains complete revamped cooling for stepper drivers that are supported by a four layered PCB area. This guarantees your drivers will never fail! The mini also allows one to regulate the motor current and microstepping straight from the firmware. 

Another key feature this board has to offer is its petite size so that it can easily be hidden within a machine.

This board kit comes with connectors, endstop switches and precrimped cables.


  • Arduino MEGA compatible Atmega2560 and Atmega32u2 processors are compatible with all RAMPS class firmware
  • Crystals for both usb and mcu (timing accurate to 10ppm)
  • 3 Thermistor jacks

Motor Drivers

  • 4 A4982 1/16th microstep motor drivers(2 connectors on Z for Prusa Mendel and other dual Z printer designs)
  • PWM Outputs for (XY), Z, E0 stepper current control instead of digital trimpot.
  • Current limit on driver IC VCC to prevent permanent latchup
  • Microstep mode configured by MCU through firmware (no jumpers needed)
  • Test points for driver control signals
  • Step and Direction pins are on their own ports for synchronous movement capability

PWM DC outputs (Extruders, Fans, Etc.)

  • 4 outputs (1 Extruder, 1 BED, 2 low power (fan,etc)
  • Low resistance mosfets for cool running
  • Indicator led for each channel


  • 2 power input rails
    • Heated Bed, 15A 12-35V
    • Primary Power 10A 12-28V: Motors (5A dedicated fuse) + Extruders, Fans, & Logic (5A dedicated fuse)
  • Built in SMPS for 5V generation from Extruders + fans and logic


  • 4 layer
  • 2oz copper on all layers
  • High quality, High temperature FR4-TG130 PCB
  • Gold ENIG finishing

*: Drivers sold separately
**: 1/32 with provided drivers. Upgradeable to 1/128 with SD6128 drivers.

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