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Ultimaker Print Core CC 0.60mm Red (Build Core)

The Ultimaker S5 is an incredible machine for precision printing of a wide variety of materials, which now includes abrasives like NylonX, NylonG, and Glow in the Dark filaments! Note: The CC Print Core is ONLY compatible with the Ultimaker S5!
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Bringing the best materials to the Ultimaker family

Ultimaker has established themselves as reliable, easy to use family of 3D Printers. Whatever you are looking to create, weather is be large extra tall single extrusion parts on the Ultimaker 2 Extended + or large format, dual extrusion prints on the S5. The standard Ultimaker 3 and S5 machines feature AA and BB Print Cores with brass nozzles - great for standard materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, and more. But for abrasive materials like NylonX, NylonG, Glow in the Dark PLA, and other nylon composites you need an abrasive resistant nozzle. Enter the Ultimaker Print Core CC Red for the Ultimaker S5 - featuring a 3mm x 0.6mm Olsson Ruby Nozzle.

Easy to install - start printing with advanced materials today!

The Ultimate Hardened Nozzle

The Olsson Ruby advanced material 3D printer nozzle isn't just any printer nozzle - it's a brass nozzle with a ruby tip for the best of both worlds of thermal transfer and abrasion resistance. Brass is a popular metal for 3D printer nozzles because it heats up quickly and transfers heat well into the filament. Rubies are second in hardness only to the diamond and therefore perfect for extruding glass and carbon fiber nylon filament like NylonX and NylonG.

Beautiful nozzles make beautiful prints!

At just the right size

0.4mm may be the standard 3D printer nozzle size, but for strong parts and larger build volume of the Ultimaker S5, a larger nozzle is perfect. This 0.6mm Ruby nozzle is 50% wider than the standard, letting it print thicker perimeters and taller layers for stronger, faster prints. Take advantage of layers up to 0.45mm to quickly fill up the print area - be sure to also pick up a 3kg spool of NylonX to feed this beast of a nozzle!

Create strong parts fast with the CC Red 0.6mm Print Core


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