Uniz Uniz Slash Plus Replacement LCD Module

Replacement LCD screen module for the Uniz Slash Plus 3D Printer. This LCD module will last roughly 10,000 print hours.

List Price: $189.00
Product No. M-0GT-YL5D


At some point during your resin-based 3D printing experience, the LCD Module and other consumables will wear out and require replacing. To get the most out of your Uniz Slash Plus and to keep the machine in optimal condition, it’s best to have a spare LCD Module on hand. Based on typical usage, this LCD Module will last roughly 10,000 print hours.


In the event your existing LCD module gets damaged or needs to be replaced, please use the following steps:

Tools needed:

  • (1) Replacement LCD Module
  • (1) LCD tape (included)
  • (1) Double sided screen tape (not included)
  • (1) Pair of scissors (not included)

Note: The LCD screen is highly sensitive to static electricity. Please make sure to discharge yourself of any static electricity and that you are well grounded before handling the LCD screen.

1. Remove the damaged/deprecated LCD: Begin by peeling off the old LCD tape from the right-bottom sides, Open the LCD cable hatch, and remove the LCD cable.

2. Lift off the double-sided tape beneath the old LCD, Peel the old LCD from the cooling module.

3. Cut the fresh double-sided into three sections (10mm wide), adhere them onto the metal part of the new LCD module.

4. Push the new LCD cable through the hole of the cooling module, slide the metal portion of the new LCD through the slot, align and stick the metal portion on the cooling module.

5. Locate the positioner on the LCD cable.

6. Insert the LCD cable into the hatch, close the hatch.

7. Remove the protective film on the replacement LCD.

8. Power up your Slash Plus, and test the newly installed LCD.

9. Cover the surrounding edges of the LCD with LCD screen tape and your replacement installation is complete.

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