Vaquform Vaquform Forming Sheets HIPS - White - 40 pack - 0.5mm

0.5mm thick HIPS sheets designed for use on the Vaquform DT2 Digital Vacuum Former. Create industrial-grade plastic molding right from your desktop with this 40 pack of 330 mm x 250 mm plastic forming sheets!

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Price: $55.00
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Product No. M-N7Z-98C7

Ready to get creating with your Vaquform DT2 Digital Vacuum Former? Look no further!

These 330 mm x 250 mm plastic forming sheets were designed specifically to fit the maximum forming area of the Vaquform. Available in three different material types (ABS, HIPS, and PETG) and two thicknesses (1.00 mm and 0.5 mm) there's vacuum forming sheet for any type of project.

Simply place the sheet in the work area of your Vaquform, select your heating profile from the menu, press start and wait for the vacuum to switch on, and once its on simply lower the handlebar to begin vacuum forming. It's that simple!

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