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Zortrax Inventure Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

The Zortrax Inventure is a professional, automated 3D printer that makes it easy to print complex parts. The Zortrax Inventure printer is equipped with innovative technologies such as dual extrusion with soluble support, a consumable detection system and a thermoregulated enclosure.
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Elegance and Performance Collide

The Zortrax Inventure is a high performance, intelligent 3D printer that brings the highest reliability and professional quality 3D printing to a wide audience. With its heated closed chamber and dual extrusion system with soluble filament, the Zortrax Inventure can print complex parts with flawless design results, without cracks or deformation.

In order to simplify its use, the Zortrax Inventure uses chip cartridges equipped with a chip for automated recognition. The use of the cartridge system means that there is less work needed to setup a print and that you get more consistent prints. Consistent work temperatures and Z-Suite software provide excellent dimensional accuracy.

Master Complex Dual Extrusion Prints

The Zortrax Inventure 3D printer incorporates dual extrusion technology for printing parts with complex geometry. This system uses two materials to create, on the one hand, the model of the printed part and, on the other hand, the support parts by means of water-soluble filament.

Fully Enclosed Chamber

Equipped with a closed and thermo-regulated enclosure, the Zortrax Inventure maintains a constant temperature during printing. This eliminates the risk of external print failures and prevents warping.

Z-Suite: Efficient Printing Software

Z-Suite software comes standard with each Zortrax printer. The software automatically adjusts all print settings to ensure that you are successful. The software also automatically detects which filament type you are using which makes printing even easier and more consistent. 

Tech Specs

Build Volume: 14 x 14 x 14 cm
Available Materials: Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SUPPORT [cartridge-based]
Max Layer Resolution: 90 microns
Print Technology: LPD (FDM) 
X/Y Positioning Precision: 1.5 microns 
Z-axis Single Step: 1.25 microns
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Extruders: Single with double nozzle
Nozzle Diameter: .3mm
Connectivity: SD
Supported Operating Systems: MAC OS X / Windows XP+
Software Bundle: Z-SUITE
Supported File Types: STL, OBJ, DXF
AC Input: 110/240V ~ 2 A 50/60 Hz
Power Requirements: 24 V DC @ 11 A


Replacement parts, build plates, side covers, and more are available for special order!

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