Panucatt Panucatt Devices Azteeg X5 mini WiFi 32BIT All-in-one Controller

The X5 mini WiFi is a 32 bit ARM controller which is ideal for use with 3D printers as well as CNC machines, and the newest version also includes WiFi! This controller uses Smoothieware firmware which blends perfectly with the 120Mhz NXP LPC1769 ARM chip which enables lightning fast calculations and smoother movements. This controller also comes packaged with 4 SD5984 Stepper Drivers!

List Price: $125.00
Product No. M-REY-E5WD

Powerful and easy to configure

Configuration is easier using a text based config file loaded on the SD card, no need to upload firmware every time you make a change. Just edit the config file from your PC and reboot the board with the new config and you're done. The WiFi Module has its own separate web control page to control and operate the printer remotely. You can transfer files directly to the main SD card and edit the config file on any PC, Phone or Tablet using Wifi. Web Control can also display video when using an IP camera! WiFi Module firmware custom made by Luc Lebosse.

Features and tech specs of the X5 Mini WiFi

  • 32BIT NPC LPC1769 120MHZ ARM processor.
  • Compatible with Smoothieware firmeware by Arthur Wolf
  • Wifi Module on-board with stand alone web Control (Ethernet built in - RJ45 for V3)
  • Digital pot stepper driver current control (Panucatt drivers only)
  • 1 High Current Mosfet for Heat bed control
  • 1 Mosfet for Hotend control
  • 2 FAN Mosfet ( 1 mosfet on V1 and V1.1)
  • 4 end stops and 2 thermistor inputs ( ESD/Over voltage protected inputs)
  • Wide input high efficiency switching Power supply (5v @ 1A max)
  • Micro SD card slot built in
  • High current Terminal blocks can Handle up to 20 Amps per pin
  • 4 Layer, 2oz per layer PCB
  • Over voltage protected analog inputs
  • ESD/Surge protected endstop inputs

Physical Dimensions

  • 3.9" x 2.2" (100mm x 56mm)

What's in the box?

  • 1 X5 Mini controller board
  • 4 SD5984 Stepper Driver Boards
  • 4 Stepper Driver heat sinks


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