Panucatt Panucatt Viki 2 Graphic LCD Screen for 3D Printers

The Panucatt Viki 2 LCD screen is the perfect LCD screen for your 3D printer or CNC machine. The controller allows your printer to print without any connection to your PC or laptop. The light on the controller will even change colors once your print bed has finished heating. The Viki 2 can also be used for micro controller and Arduino projects.

This LCD screen ships standard with the new Airwolf Axiom printers.

List Price: $85.00
Product No. M-FWE-G2G6

So what is a ViKi anyway? Viki stands for visual kinetic control interface. This control interface comes with a 3" LCD screen so that you can manage your projects without being connected to your computer. The LCD screen contains white pixels on a black background. ViKi also has a micro SD card slot and rotary encoder with push switch. The controller connects via SPI. 

With the ViKi you can tell if your printer hotend or bed is heating or cooling based on the color of the ring light (blue indicates cooling while red indicates heating).

ViKi uses U8Glib library for Arduino and is natively supported in Smoothieware. This controller works with Smoothieware, Marlin and Repetier (coming). ViKi has been tested on Azteeg X3, X3 PRO, X5 mini, Rambo, RAMPS, and will work with most current controller boards.

Printrboard users would need the current release of Marlin for the Viki 2 to work, Modifying Printrbot supplied Marlin Firmware will not fit in the Printrboard's memory space.


  • 3 inch high contrast Graphic LCD
  • SPI communication to host micro-controller
  • microSD slot with card detect, push-push card insertion
  • Rotary Encoder with easy to hold knob
  • Pause/Reset Button
  • 2 Color ring indicator ( Red/Blue, independent control)
  • Software configurable contrast setting
  • Glossy poly-carbonate overlay
  • on-board buzzer

What's in the box:

  • Viki 2.0 LCD
  • Cable


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