SeeMeCNC SeeMeCNC EZR Struder Extruder Kit

The new EZR Struder by SeeMeCNC improves on SeeMeCNC's terrific EZStruder kit with features such as improved compatibility with flexbile filament and an easier to load input area. This extruder comes standard on all SeeMeCNC Rostock V3's, but is also backward compatible with any V2, Orion, or Eris with an EZStruder installed, making it an excellent replacement and upgrade for your machine!

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Product No. M-WHJ-83XV

SeeMeCNC's EZR Struder is compact, functional, and easy-to-use. It features the same great construction as SeeMeCNC's original EZStruder, but is now optimized for all filaments, including flexible materials! It also comes with their new PTC adapter built-in, rather than available for purchase separately. 

The EZR Struder is backward compatible with all SeeMeCNC printers that had EZStruders installed, and is designed to be a bolt-on replacement for any machine. 


  • Designed for all 1.75mm filaments - including flexibles
  • Fits NEMA 17 size stepper motors
  • Includes M3 motor mounting screws
  • For use with 4mm O.D. PTFE tubing
  • Includes high quality push-to-connect (PTC) fitting
  • High quality materials and construction
  • Backward compatible with all SeeMeCNC printers

Installation Guide

What's in the Kit

  • EZR Struder housing
  • Extruder gear
  • Knob
  • Screw set
  • Washer set
  • Collet Clip set

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