The Artemis 300 offers a huge build volume, 32-bit electronics, wifi connectivity, automatic bed leveling, and a robust all-metal frame at an affordable price.

SeeMeCNC is well-known in the 3D printing community for their excellent line of delta 3D printers. Headquartered in Ligonier, Indiana, SeeMeCNC produces the Rostock MAX, the Orion, the Eris, and now, the Artemis 300. SeeMeCNC was started in 1996 as an engineering firm that moved into the 3D printing sphere in 2011. Steve Wygant and his team have been making excellent delta 3D printers ever since.

The Artemis 300 Delta 3D Printer
The Artemis 300 Delta 3D Printer


  •         Automatic Bed Leveling (FSR)
  •         32-bit Duet Wifi electronics (Trinamic motor drivers for virtually silent printing)
  •         Massive build volume - 290mm diameter x 525mm
  •         Linear rails for all axes
  •         AC 350W heated bed (ultra fast heat up)
  •         Powder-coated sheet metal and extruded aluminum frame. (1” x 2” extrusion profile)
  •         0.9 degree NEMA 17 motors for increased resolution
  •         All metal hotend and EZRstruder

Automatic Leveling

The Artemis has force sensitive resistors (FSR) mounted under the bed. This allows you to probe the bed with the tip of the nozzle for easy and accurate bed leveling. The Artemis also allows for automatic delta calibration to ensure proper tower geometry in the firmware.

Improved Bed Leveling Routine
Improved Bed Leveling Routine

32-Bit Duet Wifi Board

The Artemis comes with Duet Wifi electronics featuring the powerful 32-bit Atmel SAM4E8E ARM microcontroller and TMC2660 stepper drivers. The TMC drivers run at 1/256 microstepping and are virtually silent during operation. 32-bit electronics have better planning ability and allow for faster, cleaner, smoother prints than 8-bit Arduino electronics. Wifi is built in, and connecting to the Artemis is simple and easy. There is support for dual extruders, and expansion boards are available to add touchscreen displays, additional extruders, motors, etc.  As far as we know, the Artemis is the first fully-assembled machine to come standard with the Duet Wifi board. 32-bit boards are great, and we’re excited that the Artemis is loaded with this awesome hardware.

Massive Build Volume, Rigid Frame

At over 33,000 cubic centimeters, the Artemis has one of the largest build volumes of any printer we carry.

The powder-coated steel frame is well-designed and very rigid. High-quality linear rails for the three vertical towers provide accurate and smooth motion and require no adjustment of eccentric cams or other means common to delta printers. The stout 1”x2” aluminum extrusion profiles allow you to print all the way to the top of the build envelope without any Z-wobble. The ball joints for the delta arms are CNC’d out of aluminum, and the arms are injected molded out of glass fiber reinforced nylon for stiffness and durability. All of this adds up to a huge build volume that you can take full advantage of.

The Print Head and Build Plate
The Print Head and Build Plate

AC 350 Watt Heated Bed

The heated bed runs off AC voltage (110v) instead of the DC power supply voltage (typically 12-24v) and heats up very fast. The aluminum heat spreader ensures consistent temperature from edge to edge. Heating the bed from room temperature to 90C° takes less than five minutes.

All-Metal Hotend, High-Resolution Stepper Motors

The Artemis is able to print up to 280C°, allowing you to print most available filaments. SeeMeCNC also upgraded the Artemis 300 to 0.9 degree NEMA 17 motors (from the more common 1.8 degree), which allows for more precise movement and extrusion for overall greater printing quality.

The Extruder in Action
The Extruder in Action

With all of the amazing upgrades that have been made by SeeMeCNC to their newest delta 3D printer, the print quality is remarkable. The Artemis is extremely easy to use, and the documentation and support are also excellent. With the ARP Kit, you can be up and running in less than a day. With the fully assembled version, you can almost print right out of the box!

From the professional to the everyday 3D printing enthusiast, the Artemis is an excellent fit. For performance, cost, overall volume and the ability to be used remotely, the Artemis 300 has every point covered. In addition, when you buy from MatterHackers, you get peace of mind with lifetime support for your purchase.

Overall, the Artemis is a well-designed, beautifully built printer with some top-of-the-line components you can’t find on other fully-assembled printers. For both the 'ARP' Kit (Almost Ready to Print) and the fully-assembled model, you get an excellent machine for an excellent price.