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3D Printed Guitar Pedals
Rhonda Grandy | Published Mar 8, 2017

Additive part design guru Mike Skrzypczak, our March Hacker of the Month, needed a new guitar pedal - enter 3D printing.

One of the many things that I like to emphasize when people ask me "what can you do with 3D printers" is that they can enhance your hobbies through customization. Mike Skrzypczak, our March Hacker of the Month, is the perfect example of how any interest can be tweaked due to 3D printing to match personal preferences.  (More)

How To Build a 3D Printed Foosball Table
Alec Richter | Published Mar 2, 2017

In collaboration with Bob from YouTube's "I Like to Make Stuff," we design, prototype, and assemble a 3D Printed Foosball table from scratch. Read on to see how it went.

For a long time now, since before I even started here at MatterHackers, Dave has wanted a foosball table in the office. It was a project idea that got tossed around for a while, and something I casually worked on; designing parts for it in my spare time between articles and other projects. We spit-balled ideas about how it should be put together, what should be 3D printed, what should be purchased, what needed to be designed, what needed to be built, and would it need any electronics. Initially, the plan was to print one Iron Man and one Stormtrooper player, then sand, polish, mold, and cast them. That plan seemed like it would produce the sturdiest players with the best finish. But where would be the fun in that? So we scrapped that idea and went with 3D printing anything that could be printed. (More)

Tech Breakdown: An In-depth Review of the Ultimaker 3
Tyler Anderson | Published Mar 1, 2017

Our engineers examine why the Ultimaker 3 is the perfect machine for print-to-production parts.

We know that Ultimaker is one of the industry's top manufacturers - they make reliable, easy-to-use 3D printers. The Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended are no different - we've taken the time to further investigate these printers to show you why they are top-notch.   (More)

How To Build An Enclosure For Your 3D Printer
Alec Richter | Published Feb 23, 2017

When printing with high-warp materials like ABS, maintaining a hot ambient temperature is key to successful prints. Learn how to build an inexpensive 3D printer enclosure to keep the heat in and warping out.

An enclosure is a box or assembly that goes around the printer to keep the hot air in and the cold air out. Some 3D printers come fully enclosed, but a lot of kit and reprap style printers are open by design.   (More)

How To Use Support Material: Part 2
Alec Richter | Published Feb 9, 2017

Learn about different dissolvable materials and how they can enhance your dual extrusion prints in the second part of our in-depth look at support material.

Our previous article, How To Use Support Material: Part 1, delved into the specifics of how single extrusion support works and some design considerations that you might have to take into account when modeling an object. With dual-extrusion support printing, all that goes out the window. (More)

Tanner's Story: 3D Printing for Good
Guest Contributor Paul Yanzick | Published Feb 9, 2017

Paul Yanzick, our February Hacker of the Month, reminds us that 3D printing can be used to impact the lives of others, including his son, Tanner.

Like many of you, what brought me to 3D printing was the ‘cool factor’ – being able to create things out of nothing but a model and what looked like colored trimmer string. I started my journey over 3 years ago now, and at the time I was googly eyed by the impressive prints that people were making, and found it truly amazing that I could make a butterfly, a Christmas tree topper and a minion (my first two prints ever) right in my living room, out of plastic! I was looking forward to the direction that this new hobby may take me, but I would have never guessed where it would go. (More)

MatterHackers and BCN3D Technologies Unveil Reengineered Sigma R17 3D Printer
MatterHackers | Published Feb 7, 2017

The improved BCN3D Sigma R17 empowers users to materialize their idea faster and more efficiently.

MatterHackers and BCN3D Technologies will unveil the reengineered BCN3D Sigma R17 3D printer at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, February 8th in MatterHackers’ Partner Pavilion booth #1013. MatterHackers will also be hosting a public Meetup event at their headquarters in Orange County on February 9th, from 7:00-10:00 pm to showcase the Sigma R17. MatterHackers and BCN3D representatives will be available at both events to answer questions. (More)

How One Educator is Using 3D Printing in the Classroom
Rhonda Grandy | Published Dec 19, 2016

Theater masks, rockets, e-NABLE hands and more - see how Ashley Ricart, our January Hacker of the Month, is using 3D printing in the classroom.

Ashley Ricart, our January Hacker of the Month, was first captivated by 3D printing technology around 2012. She originally went to school for character modeling, which eventually led to her discovery of 3D printing. Ricart, who is now a teacher, has been on a mission to implement 3D printing throughout her school - not just in STEM focused classes, but multiple courses, including Theater, English, Latin, and Art. Her most recent endeavor was producing masks and props for the schools production of the play, The Lion King. In total, thirteen masks were printed using seven to eight spools of PLA filament(More)