MatterControl is one of the most popular 3D printing programs around - it slices, it dices, and, paired with a 3D printer, it helps you turn your ideas into physical objects. Since its release, MatterControl has helped users get the most out of their 3D printer with easy setup, powerful slicing, sms/email notifications, print queuing, model editing and 3D print previewing. The latest iteration of MatterControl, version 1.4, is currently scheduled for release on October 5th. This update is set to be the finest version of MatterControl yet, with loads of new design management features and expanded connectivity giving you unparalleled convenience when it comes to managing your 3D prints.

At a glance, here are some of the latest additions to Mattercontrol:

Many of these new features are focused on making the process of 3D printing as streamlined and connected as possible. Read on to find out more.

Design Library Reimagined

One of the most changed aspects of the new MatterControl is the design library, which has been totally refreshed and reimagined. Design files can now come from one of several locations and be organized using a traditional folder structure. Removing and renaming folders or files is now possible (select 'Edit' to view all options).

MatterControl now includes multiple options for storing and managing designs

Any designs previously stored in the library can now be found in the 'Local Library' - which is specific to the computer (or Touch) and shared between anyone that may be using the device.

If you have previously purchased designs from the MatterHackers design store, you'll notice that, after logging in, these designs are now conveniently located in the 'Purchased' folder within your library.

Your 'Downloads' folder is now available directly within the library as well. If you download a design from the web, it will automatically appear here.

Last, but not least, you may now store designs within the...

Cloud Design Library

The 'Cloud Library' is a new option for storing designs that gives you instant access to your design files from anywhere.  Designs stored in the 'Cloud Library' are tied to your user account.  After signing-in you'll be able to browse and manage any design files that you've previously added and add new files.  

Designs within the 'Cloud Library' are synced automatically across any devices you are currently logged into and can also be viewed from the MatterControl Sync website. 

For more information on the 'Cloud Library' check out In Depth: MatterControl Cloud Library for Designs.

Simple Sharing

Design files stored in the 'Cloud Library' can be shared with someone directly, using an email address, or with an easy to generate reusable share code.  Sharing a design with someone allows them to view or 3D print that file but not edit or export it (optional 'edit' permissions will be coming in a later update).

Sharing designs via MatterControl

Web Based Control

Using MatterControl Sync, a website that connects you to your 3D printer, it is now possible to interact with your device remotely. You can check on print progress, send files to your queue, or start and stop prints.  If you are using a MatterControl Touch, the integrated camera can provide an image of your latest progress.

Start or stop a 3D print from the web using MatterControl Sync.

X3G Support

Previously, updates to MatterControl added the ability to export .x3g files, allowing users of .x3g based printers (such as Flashforge and Makerbot's Replicator 2) to generate print files. Version 1.4 of MatterControl adds native support for .x3g machines, which means owners of those models can now operate their 3D printers directly from MatterControl and enjoy the same seamless experience as everyone else.

Braille Builder

The new Braille Builder design plugin allows you to generate 3D printable braille labels for the visually impaired. It is also an excellent way to explore how braille works. As of release, the Braille Builder supports Grade 1 English Braille, with support for Grade 2 slated to be added in the near future.

Braille Builder - A free design add-on

Braille Builder allows you to easily create 3D printable braille labels

MatterControl and MatterSlice (the slice engine powering MatterControl) are both open source projects - you can get involved by checking out the MatterHackers github page. MatterControl for Desktop is available for PC, Mac and Linux.  You can download it for free from  You can also find MatterControl Touch - a standalone touchscreen controller for 3D printers, powered by MatterControl, available for sale here.

Your feedback and support is important! Leave your comments below to let us know what you think of the new features in MatterControl 1.4.