Response Hub

COVID-19: How Can I Help?

MatterHackers has created the Maker Response Hub that intends to connect those who need medical aid (Hospitals and Government Agencies) and those who can create it using Digital Manufacturing, for which MatterHackers has a broad base of customers to engage with.

Visit the Maker Response Hub HERE

MatterHackers COVID-19 Update

As we face the global challenge of COVID-19, we know that businesses and individuals are relying on 3D printing and digital fabrication more than ever to continue their operations. Please know that MatterHackers will continue to be your partner by providing the tools, materials, and knowledge you need to succeed -  we’ll be shipping orders, answering your questions, and providing support so you can focus on making things that make a difference in these unprecedented times.

Here is what you should know:

  • We have virtualized our operations, but you can still reach our friendly Sales and Customer Support staff by emailing or calling +1 (949) 613-5838.
  • We are temporarily halting all in-store pickup orders, walk-ins, and tours until further notice. 
  • We will continue to ship orders in a timely manner and our warehouse teams are taking maximum safety precautions. Shipping lead times are currently impacted and the same-day cut-off has been moved to 11:00 AM PT. 
  • We are working hard to ensure as much continuity of supply as possible, however in the coming weeks, availability of certain materials may be impacted. In those cases we are working to make alternatives available. Please contact us if you have specific material needs to discuss.

Please get in touch with us with any questions you might have by emailing

We encourage you to stay creative and productive, keep the maker spirit strong, and most importantly - stay safe.

- Team MatterHackers

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