Taulman3D Taulman T-Lyne Flexible Filament - 1.75mm (1lb)

1lb of 1.75mm Taulman T-Lyne filament. T-Lyne is a highly durable, transparent, flexible filament manufactured by an exciting collaboration between Taulman and chemicals giant DuPont. T-Lyne gets its name and durability from DuPont's Surlyn® ionomer, which is used to coat items such as golf balls and bowling pins to protect them from extreme abuse.

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Product No. M-TLH-4VEA

Taulman T-Lyne is the result of Taulman and DuPont working together to create a unique new flexible material using DuPont's Surlyn® ionomer. T-lyne is a clear polyethylene co-polymer that is durable, flexible, and can be printed at a wide temperature range. 

T-Lyne is made with DuPont's Surlyn® ionomer, which is known for its extreme durability. Surlyn® is used as a coating for golf balls and bowling balls to protect them from the elements and extreme abuse, and is what gives Taulman T-Lyne its amazing durability.

T-lyne also has the ability to be molded in hot water, so you can immerse a printed part, make minor adjustments, and the part will retain those adjustments when cooled. This will allow you to get the perfect fit and is ideal when creating braces, casts, and other form-fitting objects!

Printing Tips

  • True Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printing Temperature: 220 C
  • Print Speed: 18 - 25 mm/s
  • Bed Temp: Cold or Heated at 40 C

 *Due to the somewhat experimental nature of some of its printing properties, T-lyne is recommended for advanced users only.

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