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MoonRay S Castable Resin

MoonRay S' Castable Resin is specially developed to print models for use in investment casting. Print the model you want casted and it will be ready to go directly off the print bed and into your mold. This resin produces parts that are not only easy to work with but also leave no residue or ash after the burnout process.

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Ready to cast right off the MoonRay

The MoonRay S Castable resin is perfect for printing models to use for investment casting. This resin produces models that are easy to work with and leaves no residue after the burnout process. While jewelry designers and manufacturers will benefit most from this castable resin, anyone who does investment casting will enjoy working with it. A castable resin was one of the most common requests SprintRay received after their first exhibition, and they have delivered with this easy to use resin.

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