CleanTip HotEnd Components

CleanTip 3D Printer HotEnd Components

Keep your components clean and your prints cleaner with hotend parts by CleanTip. Coated with tungsten disulfide, CleanTip hotend components (like the heat break, heatsink, and heater block) ensure filament flows easily and cleanly out of your hotend. This minimizes print jams and reduces the build-up of filament that may occur with other hotend parts that don't have the tungsten disulfide (W2) coating that CleanTip does. How does W2 help? It creates a non-fiction surface for materials to slide through so no filament gets left behind in the hotend only to burn and be eventually extruded onto your print, diminishing the visual quality of your 3D print. Combine the CleanTip hotend with CleanTip's nozzles for the ultimate hotend setup to avoid filament sticking to your hotend extruder while producing clean, consistent results.

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