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CleanTip Stainless Steel Nozzle Extra Long - 1.75mm x 1.20mm

MatterHackers Extra Long CleanTip™ Nozzles are coated with ultra-low friction Tungsten Disulfide for less jams, easier cleaning, and printing with metal powder and carbon fiber filaments. Manufactured in the USA.

Note: Only compatible with extended melt zone hot ends, such as the E3D Volcano

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Are you tired of your nozzles getting dirty and covered in filament? 

Our new CleanTip™ Nozzles are the solution. Coated with ultra-low friction Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), no filament sticks to our stainless steel nozzles.

Tungsten Disulfide is a really cool material. It has even less friction than PTFE and is heat resistant up to 650°C. 

These photos show an uncoated stainless steel nozzle (left) and a coated nozzle (right) after approximately 1 month of printing:


The ultra low friction also helps prevent jams, and because filament doesn't stick to the nozzle, we've noticed less stringing and cleaner prints overall!

When your hot end is up to temperature, it wipes clean with virtually anything. No more baked on filament mess or difficult nozzle swaps due to crusty old filament.

Note: The photos above are of our standard sized CleanTip™ nozzles. Extra long nozzles are only compatible with extended melt zone hot ends, such as the E3D volcano and our CleanTip™ High Flow Heater Block.