Bondtech Extruders

Bondtech is a Swedish manufacturer of high-quality 3D printer parts and accessories. Their signature product is the LGX Dual Drive extruder, which is designed for increased filament grip and smoother 3D printing. They also offer a range of CHT (Bondtech High Flow) nozzles, which are designed for faster melting and higher flow rates. For users of the popular Prusa i3 3D printer, Bondtech offers an upgrade kit that incorporate linkageages for increased torque and precision.

  • Quality 3D printer extruder gears
  • Patented CHT technology for faster printing
  • Prusa i3 compatible extruder gear upgrade kit

About Bondtech Extruders

Bondtech was established in 2014 by Martin Bondéus, who had previously used the 3D printing technology in his work as a product developer. Today, Bondtech manufactures Bondtech Dual Drive extruders and other innovative 3D printing products to users and retailers across the world. 

  • Terminates grinding problems
  • Improved handling
  • Increase reliability
  • Eliminates under extrusion
  • Perfect extrusion
  • Increased printing speed
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