Bondtech Bondtech LGX Steel Drive Train Upgrade Set

The LGX Steel Train, made of hardened steel, is an upgrade for Bondtech Large Gears eXtruders, enabling them to handle engineering-grade thermoplastics and operate under harsher conditions. This set offers enhanced performance for LGX, LGX Lite, and LGX Lite Mirrored models, accommodating thicker mounting plates, higher temperatures, and stepper motor currents.

  • Enhanced durability
  • Improved performance
  • Greater operating conditions
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Product No. M-0ZZ-6N9C

The LGX Steel upgrade for Bondtech Large Gears eXtruders

  • Hardened Steel Construction: Offers enhanced durability over the original plastic gears, ensuring a long-lasting performance.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for LGX, LGX Lite, and LGX Lite Mirrored models.
  • Enhanced Material Handling: Enables the extruders to handle engineering-grade thermoplastics, expanding the range of materials for 3D printing.
  • Greater Operating Conditions: Accommodates thicker mounting plates, higher environmental temperatures, and higher stepper motor currents.
  • High-Performance Upgrade: Provides a significant boost in performance, making it an essential upgrade for serious 3D printing enthusiasts.

Compatible with the following extruders

  • LGX
  • LGX Lite
  • LGX Lite Mirrored

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