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SpoolWorks Support Filament Series

SpoolWorks Support Filament Series

E3D snap and dissolvable support 3D printing filaments give you the option of making complex 3D prints come to life. Overhangs and supports can be easily attained with E3D support materials. Just choose dissolvable for hands-off support removal, or choose the snap support 3D printing filament, which becomes extremely brittle and shrinks from the main print as it cools, making it very easy to remove.

Technical Specifications
  • Dissolvable Support Print Temperature: 215°C
  • Dissolvable Support Bed Temp: Ideal to 55°C but can be printed up to 110°C

  • Snap Support Print Temperature: 240°C - Pairs excellent with MatX
  • Snap Support Bed Temperature: 100°C+ - Pairs excellent with MatX

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