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Brandy Designs

MatterHackers Digital Designs are easy to access and ready to print within MatterControl.

Digital Design files can be accessed using MatterControl Software, MatterControl Touch or MatterControl Sync. When logged in, Digital Designs can be found within the "Purchased" folder of your MatterControl Cloud Library.

These ability tools were done by the MatterHackers Engineering team for Brandy, a wonderful woman living with Dupuytrens Contracture. These pieces were designed and printed for her to facilitate easier day-to-day tasks.

Design Files (3)

Can Grip
Can Grip
Cup Handle
Cup Handle
Credit Card Forceps
Credit Card Forceps
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To learn more about Brandy, check out this link to her story and how 3D Printing helped her.

Three designs: 

  1. Forceps - These forceps were designed to help Brandy use credit cards. Turns out they are usefull for much more than just that - she has a pair everywhere she goes. 
  2. Cup Handle - Adds a handle to any cup.
  3. Can Grip - Adds a handle to a standard can of your favorite beverage. 

Printing Recomendations:

Layer Heights: 0.2 mm
Infill: 30%
Support: None needed

  • Print the Can grip using PLA for appropriate rigidity. 
  • Print the Cup Handle using ABS if you are going to use it for cofee or other hot liquids - PLA can warp. 
  • Forceps - Add some sticky, smooth surfaced material to the tips to add extra 'grip' to the.