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Brandy Designs

These ability tools were done by the MatterHackers Engineering team for Brandy, a wonderful woman living with Dupuytrens Contracture. These pieces were designed and printed for her to facilitate easier day-to-day tasks.

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To learn more about Brandy, check out this link to her story and how 3D Printing helped her.

Three designs: 

  1. Forceps - These forceps were designed to help Brandy use credit cards. Turns out they are usefull for much more than just that - she has a pair everywhere she goes. 
  2. Cup Handle - Adds a handle to any cup.
  3. Can Grip - Adds a handle to a standard can of your favorite beverage. 

Printing Recomendations:

Layer Heights: 0.2 mm
Infill: 30%
Support: None needed

  • Print the Can grip using PLA for appropriate rigidity. 
  • Print the Cup Handle using ABS if you are going to use it for cofee or other hot liquids - PLA can warp. 
  • Forceps - Add some sticky, smooth surfaced material to the tips to add extra 'grip' to the.