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Keep your X-Carve and work space clean with this 3D printable dust shoe for the X-Carve. Designed by Thingiverse user OhmniLabs, this shoe attaches directly onto the bottom of the router mount and allows allows for easy attachment of a shop vac to remove debris during carving. We have been using one of these on our X-Carve here at MatterHackers with exceptional results.

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Product No. M-70C-WKX4

The perfect addition to your X-Carve

At MatterHackers, we love the X-Carve, but a CNC router does create quite a bit of debris and to keep our workspace clean we use this awesome, 3D printed dust shoe from Thingiverse user OhmniLabs. The shoe screws into the router mount of the X-Carve and has a port to plug in your shopvac to suck up all the debris created while carving. The only thing you need is some kind of flexible skirt around the edge. As you can see we used a piece of rubber with slits cut in the bottom so it doesn't get caught on edges of parts while passing over the build area. This dust shoe is the perfect addition to your X-Carve, so download now for free and save time on cleanup tomorrow!

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