3DMakerPro 3DMakerPro Mole Connect - Android

With its portable design and easy setup, 3DMakerpro Connect lets you scan objects anywhere, whether it's in your studio or out in the field. You can even scan large and complex objects that are difficult to transport, such as sculptures or architectural features, without worrying about the limitations of a traditional scanner.

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3DMakerPro Connect for Mole

The 3DMakerpro Connect offers a portable design and easy setup, enabling you to scan objects anywhere, whether in a studio or out in the field. It eliminates the limitations of traditional scanners by allowing you to scan large and complex objects like sculptures or architectural features without the need for transportation.

What's in the Box?

When you purchase the 3DMakerpro Connect, the following items are included in the package:

  • Connect x 1
  • Phone clips x 1
  • Scanner cable x 1
  • Phone cable x 1

Technical Specifications

The 3DMakerpro Connect is compatible with the Mole 3D Scanner.

Compatible Systems

  • Android: The mobile application requires Android 10.0 or later. We recommend using mobile phones with 8GB of running memory or above. Additionally, please ensure that the available storage space is more than 2GB.
  • iOS: The mobile application requires iOS 15.0 or later. It is recommended to use an iPhone 12 or a higher model to download and utilize this application.

To use the 3DMakerpro Connect, you will need to purchase a power bank separately. Make sure the power bank meets the following specifications: 12V PD 22.5W Type-C interface.

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