Anycubic Anycubic Photon Mono 2K LCD Resin 3D Printer

The Anycubic Photon Mono 2K LCD Resin 3D printer is a high-quality MSLA machine that excels in producing detailed 3D printed parts. The 2K monochrome LCD and matrix of LEDs allow more UV light to cure each layer of resin faster, resulting in faster print times. Anycubic's UV-blocking top cover blocks 99.95% of UV light and enables safety features. The Anycubic Photon Mono 2K is compatible with a variety of resins, including affordable, top-tier MH Build Resin, making your creativity limitless.

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Explore the Anycubic Photon Mono Resin 3D Printer's Streamlined Experience

The Anycubic Photon Mono is the latest lineup from Anycubic - it truly is a holistic experience, as the printing process has been improved and streamlined from the all-new 2K monochrome LCD and LED matrix to some helpful maintenance features. And to really spruce up the workflow, the Wash and Cure Station dramatically simplifies the post-processing routine.

Anycubic Photon Mono 3D Printer's 2K LCD and LED Matrix

The Anycubic Photon Mono uses MSLA technology (Masked Stereolithography Apparatus) to harden liquid resin into unique shapes, full layers at a time. This is done by using an LCD screen to display cross-sections of the finished 3D print in sequential order to let UV light pass through the LCD from the UV LEDs in the base, hardening the resin. The Mono improves on the functionality by moving away from a traditional RGB LCD to a 2K Monochrome LCD to allow more UV light through to cure each layer faster than ever.

Even further, the UV LEDs in the base have been improved to form a matrix of LEDs to fully expose the entire build area, preventing hot and cold spots where light intensity varies. By virtue of allowing more light to pass through the LCD, less energy is being absorbed by it, so its lifespan increases significantly while allowing 3D prints to finish much faster than before.

The Anycubic Photon Mono's LED Matrix parallel light source provide more efficiency and better heat dissipation.

Anycubic's UV-Blocking Top Cover Blocks 99.95% of UV Light and Enables Safety Features

The UV-blocking top cover blocks out 99.95% of UV light, protecting both your eyes from the intense UV LED matrix and the uncured resin in the vat of the Photon Mono. Its bright yellow color also makes it really easy to see through the protective cover and see your 3D print progress without having to lift the cover every time you want to check up on it.  For those concerned about someone interacting with the 3D print while the print job is still running, you can enable a safety feature to instantly pause the job when the UV cover is removed.

The Anycubic Photon Mono's cover blocks 99.5% of UV light and will pause your print when removed. 

Quickly and Easily Replace Your Anycubic Photon Mono's FEP Film

As part of regular maintenance for your Anycubic Photon Mono 3D printer, you will need to replace the thin FEP film in the vat when it wears down or gets punctured, to make this process simple and easy, you no longer need to sandwich alternating metal plates and dozens of screws, instead you just unscrew the old bracket and pop in a new to get back up and running with perfect film tension.

Quickly and Easily change your Anycubic Photon Mono's FEP vat so you can stay up and printing. 

Get the Best Prints on Your Anycubic Photon Mono with Epoxy-Free MH Build Series Resin

MH Build Series Epoxy-Free 3D Printing Resin is the perfect match for Anycubic 3D printers. Developed and produced in California, MH Build Resin was designed to be an accessible, affordable, and quality material for any maker interested in resin digital fabrication. MH Build Series filament and resin is available at the lowest prices on the market, making it easy for 3D printer users to stay within budget without sacrificing reliability or color selection. Explore all the awesome colors and bundles of MH Build Series Resin here

MH Build Series Epoxy-Free 3D Printing Resin comes in a variety of fun colors & delivers detailed results. 

Get the Best First Layer and Print Adhesion with LayerLock SLA 3D Printer Build Surfaces

Improve bed adhesion on your resin 3D printer with LayerLock SLA Resin 3D Printing Build Surface! This awesome build sheet is engineered to take the guesswork out of getting those photopolymer resin-printed parts to stick to the plate. Compatible with most 3D printing resin brands and types such as MH Build Epoxy-Free Resin, this thin build surface with an adhesive backing guarantees the print object will stick to the build sheet throughout the entire print session. Invest in the reliable LayerLock SLA Resin 3D Printing Build Surface for consistent bed adhesion. You can explore Layer lock here

Get the best first layer for all your SLA 3D printed parts with LayerLock SLA Build Surfaces

Washing and Curing Your 3D Printed Parts

Using the Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine 2.0 automates and simplifies the inevitable curing process. The wash station has a built in propeller to stir the alcohol while the print sits in the wire basket, or even more conveniently the entire buildplate can be washed with it. Over the course of its cycle the propeller will alternate directions to swirl isopropyl alcohol all around the 3D print. Once its been washed, dried off, and any remaining alcohol evaporated, all you have to do is remove the cleaning container, place the reflective sheet and turntable, and set the cure time to let the 3D print be bathed in UV light to fully harden. It’s a simple addition to the resin 3D printing workflow that keeps the entire manufacturing method in a compact footprint. Find the Wash & Cure Machine 2.0 here

Use and handle your 3D printed parts faster with the Anycubic UV Resin Wash & Cure Machine 2.0.

Technical Specifications

  • System: ANYCUBIC Photon Mono
  • Operation: 2.8 inch Touch Screen
  • Software: ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
  • Connectivity : USB
  • Technology: LCD-based SLA
  • Light-source: high-quality filament (wavelength 405nm)
  • XY Res.: 0.051mm 2560x1620 (2K)
  • Z Axis Res: 0.01mm
  • Layer Res: 0.01 ~ 0.15mm
  • Printing Speed: MAX 50mm/h
  • Rated Power: 45W
  • Printer Size : 227mm x 222mm x 383mm
  • Build Volume: 130mm x 80mm x 165mm
  • Material: 405nm UV Resin
  • Net Weight: ~4.5kg

What's in the Box

  • 1 Anycubic Photon Mono MSLA 3D Printer
  • User Manual
  • Tool Set
  • USB Drive
  • Scraper
  • Resin Vat
  • Build Platform
  • Service Card
  • Gloves
  • Funnel 
  • Power Adapter

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