APSX APSX-NANO Desktop CNC Swiss Lathe


The APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe is a compact, high-precision machine for crafting metal and plastic components, ideal for custom and intricate parts. It comes ready to run with necessary software and accessories, features a small machine footprint, and allows for versatile machining. It's suitable for small to medium-sized projects, offering accuracy and cost savings.

  • High-precision, compact CNC lathe
  • Ready-to-run with included accessories
  • Ideal for metals and plastics machining
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High-Precision, Compact CNC

Experience precision machining with the APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe, your gateway to expertly crafted metal and plastic components. Ideal for custom, medical, or even intricate aerospace parts, this compact powerhouse offers exceptional versatility, accuracy, and cost savings for small to medium-sized projects.

Key Features of the APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe:

  • Compact, precise, and rigid CNC for metals and plastics
  • Ready-to-run—includes a PC, keyboard, pendant, and mist system
  • LED lighting in the machining area for visibility
  • APSX CNC software pre-installed (UI-friendly)
  • Includes polycarbonate safety shield
  • Number of external (OD) tool slots: 6
  • Number of internal ID tool slots: 5
  • 0.5" Standard Bar Diameter


APSX-NANO is your on-demand solution for high-precision parts. This CNC Swiss Lathe fits neatly in your workshop with its compact machine footprint, offering premium machining without the premium price. Cut out the middleman and accelerate your project timelines while keeping costs low by producing parts on your terms directly from your benchtop.

  • Machine Base Footprint: 31" × 14"
    • Required Workspace: 40" × 22"
  • Machines metals and plastics
  • Mill flats, hex edges, slots, etc. with one process
APSX-NANO CNC Lathe milling and turning a metal part
Small, intricate metal components that were machined using an APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe


Small specialized components are the backbone of various professional industries, and the APSX-NANO is engineered to deliver. Perfect for production, R&D, prototyping, and education, this machine offers the precision of Swiss machining without the hefty price tag of larger traditional units. APSX-NANO can machine parts used in industries like...

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Dental
  • Drones
  • and more


Machine parts out of plastics and metals on the APSX-NANO CNC such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Delrin (Acetal)
  • Nylon
  • PEEK
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium (Grade 5)
  • and more
The same small part machined out of multiple types of metal on the APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe


APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe Starter Bundle
Standard Bundle Starter Bundle
$9250 $10,100
1 × APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe
  • Embedded computer inside
    the control panel
1 × APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe
  • Embedded computer inside
    the control panel
1 × Keyboard 1 × Keyboard
1 × Control Pendant 1 × Control Pendant
1 × APSX CNC software 1 × APSX CNC software
1 × 1/2in guidebushing installed 1 × 1/2in guidebushing installed
1 × 1ft workpiece
  • 2 × OD tools (threading
    and grooving)
  • 3 × OD tool holders
  • 3 × ID tool holders
1 × 1ft workpiece
  • 2 × OD tools (threading
    and grooving)
  • 3 × OD tool holders
  • 3 × ID tool holders
1 × Starter Kit
  • 1 × LED monitor*
    (1920 × 1080p)
  • 1 × Monitor arm
  • 1 × Water tank**
  • 3 pieces ID tool holders
  • 1 × ID boring tool
  • 1 × ID drilling tool
  • 1 × ID threading tool
    (18-56 TPI)
  • 3 pieces OD tool holders
  • 1 × PH HORN OD
    threading tool
  • 1 × PH HORN OD grooving
    and parting tool

*The brand of the LED monitor may be different than what is pictured in the product photo. The manufacturer will ship out what is available in their inventory at the time of your purchase. This does not affect the resolution of the monitor that will be shipped.
**The picture of the tank is only a demonstration. A different type of tank may be sent depending on the availability.


Machine CNC Machine
Type Swiss Lathe
Assembly Pre-Assembled
Made In USA
Machine Dimensions
(D × W × H)
31.5"×14"×19" (w/o Stepper Motors)
35"×17.5"×19" (w/ Stepper Motors)
Required Workspace Dimensions
(D × W)
Approximate Weight 150lbs
Default Bar Diameter 0.50"
Max Bar Diameter 0.75"
(0.75", 0.625”, 0.375" and 0.25" guide
bushings and couplings sold separately)
Precision Ground Bar
Diameter Tolerance
-0.0005"-0” preferred
Straightness Tolerance 0.01" per ft. suggested
Max Bar Length
to Install
20” (Machinable length: 17”)
Lifespan 6000~8000h
Teknic Spindle
(Main Stepper Motor)
1800 RPM, 300W Power - 0.43 degrees resolution
0.03 degrees repeatability
Guide bushing runout accuracy .0003"" or less
Pressured Air-Chilled 500W
Live Tool Spindles
2000 - 10000 RPM (with ER11 collets
(1/4" and 1/8" 2 flute end mills) - 80PSI shop
air with 0.25" female coupler required)
NEMA23 Stepper Motors 90 IPM on X, Y and Z axes
Stepper Repeat Accuracy
(at no load)
(+/- 0.0002") and achievable machining
accuracy is less than 0.0005"
External (OD) Tool Slots 6 (12mm X 12mm profile)
Internal ID Tool Slots 5
Distance from the ID Tool
Rack to Guide Bushing Plate
Lighting Low energy Blue LED
Misting System Yes; adjustable mist (coolant)
Construction Hard anodized casting tool plate aluminum
Safety Shield Yes; made of Polycarbonate
Sliding Cover Over Barstock Area Yes
Included PC, keyboard, and pendant
Software APSX CNC software
Supported File Format G-code
Display Monitor (separate purchase;
included with the Starter Bundle)
Controller Embedded PC in control panel
Connectivity USB
Rated Power 120V
Warranty Period 6 Months, see User Manual for details



Which APSX-NANO bundle is right for me?

  • The Starter Bundle is right for you if many of the additional accessories included (LED monitor, water tank, mounting arm, etc.) are items you do not already have or need. These items are necessary to start the APSX-NANO. If you already have these items, plan to source them separately, or do not want them, then the Standard bundle is suggested.

What software does the APSX-NANO use?

  • It uses the APSX CNC lathe software which can...
    • Work offsets and manual controls
    • Cycle controls such as RUN, ABORT and feed rate (override) limit
    • g-code and MDI control commands
    • DRO panel and file management

What is Swiss machining?

  • CNC Swiss turning adds a bar feeder that spins the round bar and slides through the guide bushing in the Z-axis direction. 5-axis Swiss-type machines have milling and drilling capabilities. These machines provide stationary support for the workpiece while the part is machined. This design enables the machine to hold tight tolerances and produce parts back to back. As a mini CNC Swiss lathe, the APSX-NANO has a max capacity of 20 inches long bar stock at a time.

When should I use a Swiss CNC lathe?

  • It's best to use a Swiss-type lathe when smaller, more complex parts are needed. Typically, those parts are non-standard parts and can't be sourced directly like tamper-proof bolts, special nuts, pins, custom mechanical parts, drone parts, and more. They have milled and turned features that require precision machining and Swiss CNC machining allows for many milled features (flats, hex edges, slots, left-hand threading etc.) to be produced during the turning process without the need for multiple setups on additional equipment, providing greater production efficiencies with one process.

    Having the APSX-NANO on hand can reduce the lead times and offer more flexibility for the production volume compared to outsourcing the parts production to other companies.

Which industries can the APSX-NANO apply to?

  • Multiple! You can use the APSX-NANO to produce prototypes or even functional end-use parts in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, dental, and military (to name a few).

What's installation like for the APSX-NANO?

  • The start-up process is very simple—the machine is already pre-assembled! Open the crate, place the APSX-NANO on a desk or stand, plug and start using.

Where can I get a table for the APSX-NANO?

  • You can utilize any work surface that has a minimum of 40" x 22" of free space. Alternatively, you can purchase this ULINE table.

Are all components of the APSX-NANO machine made in the U.S.?

  • Yes! The components of the APSX-NANO machine are made in Cincinnati, OH.
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