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BCN3D BCN3D Epsilon Hotend Family

3D printers from BCN3D are designed to be the tool for any project, which means having many nozzle options for any 3D printing project. This is the full set of every all-metal hotend for the current suite of BCN3D printers. Specifically designed to ensure high performance and reliability for the Sigma D25, Epsilon W27 and W50. Each hotend is equipped with a 24V heater cartridge and thermistor. The toolkit that came with your BCN3D printer has everything you need to install a new hotend today.

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Product No. M-MJ5-HW71

Mix and match nozzle sizes

The different options in the Hotend family enable you to print the finest and most detailed parts with the hotend featuring a 0.3mm nozzle, the smallest diameter available for the BCN3D Sigma D5 or the Epsilon series. Then combine it's accuracy on the shell with a larger nozzle diameter of up to 1mm to print infills. The increased speed of the 1mm nozzle means you can print very detailed models in much less time than any other 3D printer, maximizing use of the Epsilon W7 and Epsilon W50's huge print volume.

Compatible with most filaments with a extrusion temperature of up to 290°C

Kit Contains:

  • 2 each of Hotend 0.80mm
  • 2 each of Hotend 1.00mm
  • 2 each of Hotend X (0.60mm)

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