BCN3D R19 Series Z Offset Shims (set of 10)

This set of shims allows for minute adjustments to your BCN3D printer's build plates, so you can be certain to perfectly execute a mirror or duplicate print. By inserting one or several shims beneath the plate, micro-adjustments can be made to ensure each of your IDEX tool heads are printing in perfect alignment, perfectly in sync.

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Save 3D Printing Material by Using Shims Instead of Rafts

Duplicate and Mirror modes are some of the most powerful features on the BCN3D fleet of IDEX printers, as they allow you to double your batch-size in the same amount of time. (Or halve your batch time for the same size!) But this is very reliant on good print leveling. And while the leveling wizards built into the Sigma and Epsilon always achieve excellent leveling results, tiny offsets can begin to appear in the normal course of a lot of 3D printing. One print head can sometimes be slightly closer to your build plate than the other.

This is usually overcome by adding a raft to the side with the larger gap; a few layers of material that elevate the print to be the exact same height as the mirrored/duplicated print on the other side. But depending on your size and quantity of printed parts, that can be a substantial waste of material that could have gone into your next batch of prints.

With BCN3D's specially designed Calibration Shims, you can avoid rafts altogether by lifting the correct corner or side of the build plate just enough to undo the offset and get back to the highest possible yield of your production. Another powerful tool in your 3D printing arsenal.

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