BCN3D BCN3D Black Tough PLA Filament - 2.85mm (0.75kg)

BCN3D Tough PLA has been designed to combine with the stiffness and ease of printing that comes with PLA, with the high impact resistance and strength that were previously only available from more advanced 3D printing materials. This means you can turn around prototypes or tooling quickly and accurately and still see the gorgeous surface finish available in all BCN3D filaments.

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Tough PLA Is Easy to Print and Tough To Break

PLA is the most commonly used 3D printing material and with good reason: it's incredibly easy to print. It won't warp, and interlayer adhesion is excellent. Most other materials requires a bit more babysitting or iteration to succeed. But materials like PETG and ABS come with properties that make the additional work worth it. When you need amore durable, impact-resistant, tough performance, PLA often just won't work.

Until now. BCN3D Tough PLA remains just easy to work with, but boasts much higher impact resistance, making it perfect for manufacturing aids, functional prototypes and even end-use parts.


● Manufacturing aids
● Manufacturing tools
● Functional prototyping
● End-use parts
● An alternative to ABS for large prints


● High impact and stiffness
● Easy to print
● Excellent surface quality
● Alternative to ABS

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