BLTouch BLTouch Extension Cable - 1 Meter

The BLTouch is a fantastic automatic bed leveling probe that functions with any 3D printer bed surface. The standard sensor comes with a rather short cable, and to make installation easier this 1 meter extension cable with the same connectors as the standard cable enables no soldering for easy assembly.

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Product No. M-Q26-L6KC

Bringing the power of the BLTouch to any 3D Printer design

The BLTouch automatic bed leveling probe is a great upgrade to install on any 3D printer that doesn't feature automatic calibration. Functioning with any build surface from glass to BuildTak to good old blue painters tape, the BLTouch is ready to provide quality leveling data as your 3D printing experience continues to evolve. In the same way, the sensor is ready to be installed with any 3D printer design with this 1m (3.28ft) extension cable. The standard sensor includes a 150mm cable that can be manually extended, but if you prefer to avoid soldering on this particular install - this extension cable from the manufacturer is the best choice. The 150mm cable included with the sensor can go in your spare parts drawer because this cable replaces it entirely with a 1m reach from the print head to controller board.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 1m (3.28ft)
  • Compatability: Antclabs BLTouch sensor
  • Manufacturer Product Number: SM-DU

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