BondTech Bondtech DDX V1 Extruder for Creality CR-10S PRO/Max Kit - 1.75mm

The Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality 3D Printer is a high-performance dual-drive extruder based on the Bondtech BMG mini gear extruder fitted for the Creality CR-10S PRO/Max. Lightweight, compact, and powerful with a 3:1 gear ratio the perfect combination of speed for high flow applications and precision for tiny-nozzle, high-resolution parts, and accurate retraction. From rigid materials like PLA to super-flexible filaments like NinjaFlex, the constrained filament path of the DDX for Creality makes this a great choice when building from scratch or upgrading your existing 3D printer for better performance.

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Product No. M-ZFD-QPF2

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Reason for Clearance:  This item is Version 1 of Bondtech DDX.


No matter what your use case is with 3D printing, absolutely everyone can benefit from enhanced extruder performance. The Dual-Drive gears of the Bondtech DDX for Creality create constant contact with both sides of the loaded filament, allowing for greater grip during both extrusion and retraction operations. Not only are there hobbed gears on both sides of the filament, but they are geared together to apply pressure evenly on both sides of the filament at all times. Idled extruders leave room for slippage as the filament can simply slide along the bearing if pressure is too high, but Dual-Drive ensures constant grip over a much larger pressure range.


The most significant growth in the 3D printing world today is the constant stream of new and exciting materials being manufactured for desktop 3D printers. Entry-level materials like PLA, ABS, and PETG remain available in a wide variety of colors from many manufacturers, but stronger, reinforced composites are becoming more prominent every day. Carbon-fiber reinforced materials like NylonX or PRO Series Carbon Fiber PLA provide superior stiffness over their regular counterparts, but at the cost of having to process an abrasive material. This abrasion is a concern for 3D printer nozzles, but also for the extruder gears that have to control this material going into the machine. All Bondtech extruders are built with hardened steel drive gears with CNC-machined teeth for maximum grip. Using a Bondtech extruder means peace of mind no matter what materials you are processing, from high volumes of PLA for prototyping to kilograms upon kilograms of carbon or glass-fiber reinforced materials.

Included in the Kit: 

DDX V1 Extruder

  • Nema17 Pancake stepper motor
  • Thumbscrew Assembly
  • 70cm Stepper motor extension cable
  • 60cm PTFE tube
  • 7cm Capricorn tube
  • (4) Zip-ties
  • (3) M3x12mm screw
  • (2) M3x20mm screw
  • 1 M3x10mm button head screw

DDX V1 Adapter Set For Creality CR-10 Pro / Max

  • 10079-42 SLS Fan Shroud
  • 10079-41 SLS Fan Holder
  • 10079-44 SLS Bowden Adapter
  • M3x18 Screw
  • M3x20 Screw
  • (2) M3x8 Screw
  • (2) M3 5mm Square Nut

Compatible with the following printers

  • Creality CR-10S Pro
  • Creality CR-10S Pro V2 *
  • Creality CR-10 Max *

** To use the DDX on the CR-10S Pro V2 and the CR-10 Max, you will need to remove the BL Touch bracket on the printer and 3D print a BL Touch mount to use with the DDX. On the CR-10 Max, the z-height will be limited between 430 mm and 455 mm, instead of the original 470 mm. This is due to the higher position of the push-fit on this extruder which forces the bowden to bend at a lower level under the top bar. Use the Z (height) parameter in the Machine Settings of your slicer to reflect this lower limit. After selecting this lower value, make sure to test and adjust it as is necessary. 

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