Bondtech Prusa i3 Extruder Upgrade Kits MK2.5/MK3

The Prusa i3 is a powerful and much loved 3D printer by the community at large, in part thanks to the utilization of Bondtech extruder gears in later models of the 3D printer. For older printer variants that did not include the Bondtech components, there are upgrade kits that bring these gears to the machine while also incorporating a 3:1 gear ratio for increased torque and more precise control of material extrusion and retraction.

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Bring the best of Bondtech technologies to your Prusa i3 3D printer

These Bondtech upgrade kits for Prusa i3 3D printers allow anyone to bring the latest Bondtech technologies such as Dual-Drive extruder gears and a 3:1 gear ratio for increased torque and more precise control of filament during both extrusion and retraction. Overall, this upgrade kit will increase the print quality of your Prusa i3 with all the benefits of a standard Bondtech extruder, but in a custom package purpose-built for your exact machine. If you are operating an older Prusa i3 and want to get a tune-up for increased performance, this is the place to be.

Waste-not by reusing the existing fan and filament sensor from the stock machine

Which Bondtech Prusa i3 Upgrade kit is right for me?

One of the best aspects of the Prusa i3 is the iterative design mentality that leads to a constantly evolving and improving machine. As many printer manufacturers have done, Prusa now incorporates Bondtech drive gears in their stock 3D printers, taking advantage of the Dual-Drive benefits like increased torque and grip due to holding filament on both sides while extruding and retracting. For older machines such as the MK2 and MK2S that did not originally ship with Bondtech gears, the upgrade kit includes those. No matter which upgrade kit you need, they all add the increased torque and precision of a 3:1 gear ratio, similar to the BMG design. This increased torque helps drive filament into and retract out of the hotend and the increased gearing translates stepper movement into smaller rotations for more precise control of extrusion and retraction.

Upgrade your X-Carriage with professional SLS 3D printed components

For the MK2.5S/MK3S upgrade kit, it is necessary to replace the X-carriage assembly entirely. An SLS printed version for the MK3S with the required hardware is available here at MatterHackers or you can download the STL and FFF 3D print your own. If you have an enclosure around your i3 and will regularly be printing with higher temperature materials like nylon, the SLS mount is preferred as it has a maximum ambient air temperature of 100°C. If you have an open-air setup then printing your own mount is possible and files are available.

Linked below are STL downloads to print your own for the MK2.5S / MK3S

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