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Bondtech QR Universal Extruder - 1.75mm

Thanks to the Bondtech QR Universal Extruder, you can easily change filament on the fly. This state of the art Bondtech extruder not only provides meticulous and precise filament flow, but it eliminates any and all filament shifting and scraping. The new QuickRelease lever makes swapping filaments a breeze. Get perfect extrusion and retraction for perfect prints with the Bondtech QR extruder.
Product No. MNSCP701
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Powerful extrusion thanks to DualDrive

The QR has a new DualDrive gear system - this is where the extruder gets its magic. The gears have tiny, sharp teeth on them that grab the filament from all sides to keep the flow consistent and help eradicate under extrusion. The secondary drive gear is so advanced that it can automatically conform and adjust to any fluctuation that filament might have.

DualDrive Gear System

Compatible with any setup

The QR extrudes filament evenly and with equal tension in both directions. The filaments entry is side A, and the exit is side B. Side A is equipped with a push-fit connector - this is permanent and can't be changed. Side B is stocked with a groove mount for hotends like the E3D v6 All-metal Hotend, as well as other models. The QR can be adjusted to function with both direct and bowden drives. For bowden set-ups, all you need is a bowden adapter (available as an add-on), which fits into the groove mount. 


Designed for function and durability

Marvel at the QR's sleek design - each unit contains CNC-machined drive gears that are constructed to combat the wear and tear that abrasive filament can cause. The housing components are 3D printed with SLS technology and the highest quality nylon, allowing the utmost strength and accuracy. Change filament faster than ever before with the Bondtech QR Universal Extruder. The easily accessible QuickRelease lever makes swapping filament a breeze.

What's In the Box

  • Bondtech QR Universal Extruder - 1.75mm
  • 700mm Quick Connect Cable (2510 Connector)

Mounts pictured are not included, see below for current mounts designed by our Design Engineers. 

TAZ 5 (Dual Mount)

Recommended motor current setting: 1.2A
E-steps setting: 492.45 steps/mm