Closed Loop Plastics Party Pink U-HIPS 3D Printing Filament - 0.5kg - 1.75mm

Closed Loop Plastics’ Party Pink is an upcycled, high impact polystyrene 3D printing filament made entirely from post-consumer plastic cups and lids. Each spool is produced in Long Beach, CA, where plastic waste from the community is given new life as 3D printer filament for makers, engineers, and enthusiasts everywhere. The finished product is an affordable, high-quality U-HIPS 3D printing filament that provides a sustainable way to prototype your next great design. Finished parts 3D printed with Closed Loop Plastics’ Party Pink U-HIPS have a soft matte finish and add a nice pop of pink to your projects.

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Every millimeter of Closed Loop Plastics Party Pink U-HIPS 3D printing filament has already served someone as a cup to hold a delicious beverage. Instead of ending up in a landfill, however, the team at Closed Loop Plastics collected, granulated, decontaminated, and extruded the cup into a structural material that can now serve you once again as filament for your 3D printer! There are no additional colorants used in the creation of Party Pink U-HIPS 3D printing filament; the pink color comes from the red dye already used to make red party cups. Party Pink U-HIPS 3D printing filament is a product you can feel great about buying and using.

Closed Loop Plastics Party Pink Upcycled High Impact Polystyrene (U-HIPS) 3D Printing Filament is manufactured from 100% post-consumer plastic waste.


Closed Loop Plastics Party Pink U-HIPS 3D printing filament is ideal for use as a material for prototyping your designs to test the look, fit, and function of your model. Party Pink U-HIPS serves as a great application substitute for ABS, PETG, and other advanced materials thanks to its high tensile and flexural strength. Closed Loop Plastics Party Pink U-HIPS 3D printing filament provides an affordable and sustainable option for re-iterating and perfecting your finished designs.

Closed Loop Plastics U-HIPS is an excellent 3D printing material for sustainably and affordably prototyping your next great design!


  • Recommended Nozzle Temperature: 220°C-245°C
  • Recommended Bed Temperature: 105°C-115°C
  • Print speed: 20-50 mm/s
  • Layer cooling fan: 0-35%
  • Tensile strength: 3,673 psi
  • Flexural strength: 344,000 psi
  • Ultimaker approved filament*
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