CraftBot CraftBot Flow Hardened Steel Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.40mm

Replacement Hardened Steel Nozzle for any of the CraftBot Flow 3D printers. Recommended for any printing using composite filament. For help exchanging nozzles in your CraftBot Flow, please contact MatterHackers support.

List Price: $13.50
Product No. M-29D-97J7

Perfect Addition to Your CraftBot Flow Kit

CraftBot Flow 3D printer owners understand how fun and easy to use the Flow is, so you've likely put quite a few print-hours on to your machine! An extra nozzle is always a good idea to have on hand, whether replacing a well-loved nozzle that's currently installed, or simply adding a backup to your maker's kit. This nozzle is identical to the one that comes on the machine, stock, is made from a high quality hardened steel, machine to the ultra-fine specifications of the CraftBot Flow, and is 1.75mm x 0.4mm--perfect for most printing projects, including filament with additives that can wear down brass nozzles.

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