Printed Solid Creality CR-10 Enclosure Kit

Are you looking to upgrade you Creality CR-10 or CR-10S 3D printer? Look no further the next generation of 3D Printer Enclosures has arrived. This enclosure kit is constructed from 3mm thick aluminum clad material which boasts higher heat retention, sound absorption, seal, and is less than half the weight of previous generation enclosures. In addition to a better sealing door, all enclosures are now equipped with temperature and humidity sensors which gives users even more control over the internal environment of the print chamber.

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Product No. M-ER5-C793


This enclosure kit is designed to help regulate temperature and reduce warping that can be caused during printing. it is intended to be used with the Creality CR-10/CR-10S but will work with any 3D Printer the same size or smaller.


Internal dimensions are 28" deep by 22" wide by 28" tall w/o spool holder on top.
The printer must be no more than 25" tall by 20" wide and 26.5" deep.


  • Fully enclosed build chamber
  • Improved hinge doors provide a flush fit and better seal than previous generation enclosures
  • Ports for exhaust or BOFA and other 3rd party HEPA Fume extraction systems
  • Mounting holes for 60mm fans should a user wish to create their own extraction system
  • 3mm thick aluminum panels
  • Improved heat retention
  • Improved sound absorption
  • Lighter weight
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • No drilling, cutting, or modifications to the printer is required


  • Assembly instructions
  • Laser-cut acrylic door panels
  • CNC Routed Aluminum clad side panels
  • Door hinges
  • Sensors and fasteners


Return Policy

Please note that returns are not accepted on opened kits. Only new, unopened kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase. If a part from the kit is determined to be missing during the warranty period, a replacement part will be supplied.

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