Beam Air Fume Extractor

The Beam Air Fume Extractor is a universal fume extractor designed for use with both Flux laser cutters & engraver and other 3rd party laser cutters. Capable of eliminating the majority of harmful fumes or particles that are generated during the laser cutting & engraving process, this low-cost fume extractor is an excellent addition to any business, home workshop, or makerspace.

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As with any piece of technology, it is important to follow the manufacturers' recommendations on maintenance in order to get the maximum use and performance out of a product. Users will need to replace the following Beam Air Fume Extractor components:

Pre-Filter: The first layer of protection included in the Beam Air. This filter is positioned on the very top of the machine and is responsible for preventing particulates, which are created during the laser engraving & cutting process from escaping out of the exhaust port of your machine. This filter will need to be replaced after 10 – 30 hours of use.


Medium Efficiency Filter: Positioned just below the pre-filter, the medium efficiency filter was designed to act as a buffer and to provide additional filtration for any particles that managed to pass through the pre-filter. To ensure maximum particle filtration the manufacturer recommends that this filter is replaced after 50 – 150 hours of use.


H13 HEPA Filter:  At the center of the Beam Air Fume Extractor is the H13 HEPA Filter. This filter is designed to catch any few remaining particles that may have passed through the first two filters. The manufacturer recommends that this filter is replaced ever 100 – 200 hours of use.


Activated Charcoal Filter: The bottom and final filter of the Beam Air, this filter is designed to catch any particles that managed to make it past the first three. This filter is capable of eliminating almost all of the particulate generated during the laser cutting & engraving process. Very long lasting, the manufacturer recommends that this filter is replaced every 300 – 600 hours of use.

The Beam Air Fume Extractor is comprised of four main components: The pre-filter, Medium Efficiency Filter, H13 HEPA Filter, and the activated Charcoal Filter. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations on component lifetime in order to ensure maximum air filtration & fume extraction.


In addition to being compatible with Flux’s line of laser cutters & engravers, the Beam Air is also compatible with a wide range of other 3rd party laser cutters. This makes Beam Air an almost universal fume extraction solution and an excellent addition to any home workshop, makerspace, or business.


Note: Depending on the machine, some laser cutting exhaust hoses may require a reducer or expander to connect to the pre-filter.

  • beamo
  • Beambox 40W
  • Beambox Pro 50W
  • Glowforge Pro
  • Glowforge Plus
  • Glowforge Basic
  • Dremel DigiLab LC40
  • Emblaser 2
  • Makeblock
  • K40 Laser Cutter


  • System Flow: 353 CFM - 195 CFM
  • Air Infelt Interface: Φ 100mm
  • Product Size: 37 x 26 x 45 cm (14.57 x 10.24 x 17.72 in)
  • Package Size: 49 x 37 x 50 cm (19.29 x 14.57 x 19.69 in)
  • Weight: 17 kg (37.5 lb)
  • Voltage: AC110V & AC220V
  • Power: 130W

A copy of the instruction manual can be found here.

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