Creality3D Creality3D Sonic Pad

Creality Sonic Pad is a powerful 64-bit computing platform with a 7-inch touch control screen that is designed to monitor and control your 3D printer with ease.

  • Monitor and control up to 4 printers with ease
  • Connects to most FDM 3D printers and is pre-configured for 22 Creality 3D Printers
  • Improved print speeds and print quality
  • Powerful 64-bit computing platform use Klipper instead of Marlin
  • Monitor print jobs remotely
List Price: $169.00
Product No. M-1VH-XLXM

What Printers Are Compatible with the Creality3D Sonic Pad?


    Model Chipset
Ender 3 Series S1* STM32F401, STM32F103
S1 Pro* STM32F401, STM32F103
V2 ABL* V4.3.1, V4.2.2, V4.2.7
V2* V4.3.1, V4.2.2, V4.2.7
V2 Neo STM32F103 (V4.2.2), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
Max STM32F103 (V4.2.2), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
Max Neo STM32F103 (V4.2.2), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
Pro* STM32F103 (V4.2.2), STM32F103 (4.2.7), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
Pro ABL* STM32F103 (V4.2.2), STM32F103 (4.2.7), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
Ender 3 Plus STM32F401 (V2.4)
5 Series S1* with or without Z switch STM32F401 (CR4NS200141C13)
Plus ATmega2560
Pro STM32F103 (V4.2.2), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
Pro ABL STM32F103 (V4.2.2), GD32F303 (V4.2.2)
6 Series Ender 6 STM32F103 (V4.3.1)
7 Series Ender 7 STM32F103 (V24S1_101_A)
CR 6 Series SE* STM32F103 (V4.5.3, V4.5.2)
Max STM32F103 (V4.5.3)
10 Series Smart*  STM32F103 (V1.2, V2.5.S1_100), STM32F401 (V1.2, V2.5.S1_100)
Smart Pro* STM32F103 (V2.5.S1_100), STM32F401 (V2.5.S1_100)
10S Pro V2 ATmega2560
V3 ATmega2560
10 ATmega1284p
S4 ATmega2560
S5 ATmega2560
30 Series PrintMill STM32F103 (V4.2.10)
200 Series 200B* STM32F103 (V2.4.S4.101, V4.2.5, V4.2.10))
Sermoon D1 Series D1 STM32F103 (V4.3.1)


Mini Series STM32F407

What Comes With the Creality3D Sonic Pad?

  • Creality3D Sonic Pad
  • Power Adapter
  • G-Sensor Data Cable
  • G-Sensor
  • USB Cable
  • USB Drive
  • MicroUSB to MiniUSB Adapter
  • MicroUSB to USB-C Adapter
  • Users Manual
  • Screw Pack

What Are the Technical Specifications of the Creality3D Sonic Pad?

  • System: CrealityT800
  • Data Bus: 64 bit
  • RAM: 2 gig
  • ROM: 8 gig
  • Display Size: 7"
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB (4x), Ethernet
  • Power: 12V
  • Dimensions: 222mm x 128mm x 40mm (8.7" x 5" x 1.6")
  • Weight: 1.3kg (2.9 lbs)

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